Tuck Pointing

Trust us with tuck pointing service

Schedule a chimney inspection with our skilled team. When we visit, we'll point out any chimney tuck pointing work you may need and offer a competitive rate to get it done properly.

Our tuck pointing services include:

  • Repairing deteriorating mortar
  • Tucking pointing
  • Waterproofing
  • Installing caps
  • Crown repair

You need tuck pointing services

Over time, the mortar located between bricks and on the chimney crown breaks down due to acid in rain, the building settling, and freezing and thaw cycles.You may need tuck-pointing or re-pointing, which is grinding and replacing the mortar and bricks where necessary. The concrete cap, or “crown”, is the concrete that sits on the very top course of brick on the chimney to help hold clay flue liners in place, protect the chimney rain, and close the hole into the chimney chase. As part of our repair or rebuild process we use a clear water repelant coating specially designed for masonry to extend the life of your chimney and protect your investment.

We do foundations and retaining walls

Our skilled experts also offer tuck pointing services for foundations, retaining walls, and home exteriors. Let us improve the look of your home. Expect outstanding workmanship.

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