Chimney Inspections

We provide customers with more then just a standard cleaning or rebuild. We offer extensive options that will help make sure everything inside your chimney as well as on the outside is exactly how it should be. It is highly recommended by NFP211 ( Nation Fire Protection Association) to have your oil, gas, or wood burning flues inspected at least once a year. There are different levels on inspections recommended.

Some of those options are

  • Visual Inspections, this is the most common form of inspections. Especially for outdoor Chimney work or for stove's and making sure they are all working correctly and rule of thumb is we see something we say something. These are mostly used when we are observing for any issues with flashing, crown coats, caps or re-pointing.
  • Video Inspections, which allows us as Chimney Sweeps and you, as the customer to see whats actually going on inside and helps us see what could be causing issues when using your fireplace.
  • Real Estate Inspections, these are for real estate agents and customers that are planning on selling their home. This is a check list making sure that all of the essential requirements for a safe fireplace, stove insert, chimney, piping are all up to code. Always better safe then sorry.

If any of these sound like something you are looking for in your chimney, always reach out to us by calling or using out contact from here on our website.

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